At Eucalyptus Environmental, we keep up to date with the latest products and practices, saving your valuable time by researching the many products out there. We have the most current knowledge on a range of options designed to help you save money… and the environment.

Thermal imaging inspections, including insulation

Where are the thermal energy losses in your building? A thermal inspection can find these very quickly, and we can provide you with a visual report for your records or further action.

Has your new insulation been installed correctly? Make sure you get what you paid for.

It only takes 3% of roof insulation to be missing to drop your R3.5 to R2.5 effective. You did pay for an R3.5 roof, right?

Want to know the thermal properties of that house you’re thinking of buying?

Need your under floor heating checked? Eucalyptus Environmental can help.

We can also assist business and examine industrial coolers and heat exchanger performance.

Eucalyptus Environmental is a proud member of the Australian Professional Thermography Association.

Energy auditing and saving strategies

Do you know where your is energy going? How much is that beer fridge in the garage really costing?

What will be the most practical way for you to make savings?

Eucalyptus Environmental can give you the information to make better choices.

We’ll work with your business to improve the company’s green credentials and bottom line.

Lighting and appliance advice

Are you getting the best out of your existing hardware? We can help you purchase wisely. Remember, energy costs are always going to increase.

Renewable energy applications

Would you like to discover what’s possible for your home or business?

Are you already generating your own power? Do you want to be sure it’s working correctly?

Our analysis will help you be sure that you’ve got the right solution.

Retro-fitting recommendations

Just because you have an older home or office, it doesn’t mean that efficiency gains can’t be made.

It would cost a lot of money to bulldoze it all and start over, but you can make big advances by changing a little at a time.

Sustainability presentations

Need that something extra to get people interested?

Eucalyptus Environmental can prepare and give short, sharp presentations, in an easy going style on a range of topics. We’re comfortable talking about sustainability solutions with all kinds of people of all backgrounds, from those just starting out to corporate boards of directors and everyone in between.

Note: All recommendations will be referred to qualified trades before any changes are implemented.