Who am I?

My name is Alfred Howell and after having spent 21 years working in the manufacturing industry, I have spent the last four years learning about energy efficiency and developing sustainable practices. I started by helping a big company that I was working for reduce its polluting ways and improve its energy efficiency…and saved it quite a bit of money in the process. Over time, I developed a passion to do something about taking better care of our environment and helping others to do the same – without breaking the bank. And that’s how Eucalyptus Environmental was born.


Many people want to make the change to a greener lifestyle; however, with the abundance of products and services on the market these days, it’s a plain case of too much information. It’s hard to know where to start.  With my experience and knowledge, I can help. I also want to break that environmentalist stereotype and show people that being green does not mean you have to be a tree hugger or live in a home that looks like an igloo, or worse; a science experiment gone wrong.


The key is in empowering you with the confidence to make a start. Actions need not be complex or overly expensive. My core service is to conduct an analysis and provide information relative to individual or business needs. Eucalyptus Environmental has the know-how to provide end users with practical and achievable solutions, based on their budget and lifestyle considerations.